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We are summa haus, more than just a vacation rental.

We are summa haus and we think that Tenerife is our little paradise in the Atlantic. We are European territory, but we are very close to Africa. Our geographical position means that we have an enviable climate all year round, with an average temperature of 22º.

All these conditions have turned Tenerife (and the rest of the Canary Islands) into a tourist destination of reference for the whole of Europe.

However, tourism development on the island has not been planned, much less sustainable. For decades we have seen our landscape, our culture and our economy relegated to second place in pursuit of large hotel chains, tour operators and mass visitors.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability has never been a priority for this system.

The change comes from the hand of small companies and entrepreneurs who seek to offer a different trip, more respectful with local life, with the territory, culture and landscape. It is in this context that summa haus was born.

At summa haus we are not just an online holiday home booking portal. We believe in management that adds value to travelers, owners and the environment.

In our particular operation, the order of the factors does alter the product, that is why we are committed to a responsible tourism model with local life, supported by collaboration networks with the environment that allow us to create with you the best version of your vacation.

We seek to offer a complete tourist experience that goes beyond lodging. We believe in the authenticity of the destination as the best strategy to build the future of tourism in the islands: sustainable, responsible and respectful.

Travelers adding up

For this project to work we need owners who want to offer their homes to travelers, collaborators with a lot to tell, but above all with travelers with a conscience and a desire to live authentic experiences.

To simplify the synergy between accommodation and experiences, we have divided our catalog by type of trip and not by characteristics.

On our website, you can find a page for each type of trip: singles, couples, families and groups. Within each one of them you will be able to find housing and experiences recommended for each type of trip. From gastronomic experiences to sports or relaxation.

In addition, within each home, you will be able to consult information about the environment, shopping, leisure and transportation options, recommendations and suggestions to create #momentosumma in each of them. It also has a section dedicated to the person who owns the property so that you can learn about his or her history and the history of the place where you will spend your stay.

summa collaborative

In addition to the collaboration with local companies and entrepreneurs, we would also like to count on you, if you wish, of course.

The intention of this blog is that it becomes a travel guide about Tenerife, but we also want it to become a space where anyone who wants to tell their experience on the island, can do so. It doesn’t matter if you are a visitor or if you live here. If you think you can add value by sharing your perspective, you are welcome to do so.

And now that we have introduced ourselves, there is only one question left to ask:

Do you dare to summarize?


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