Summa— a different kind of management model

Years of experience in the sector have taught us that owners are looking for profit, transparency and peace of mind, and that is just what we at summa haus offer.

Our words may sound similar to those of other management companies; the difference is that in our case they’re not just words — they’re a whole new way of working.

In addition, we give our all to everything we do, supplying added value to guests, owners and partners. In your case, we offer an innovative and transparent management system, geared towards obtaining realistic results for your holiday property.

How do we do it? Read on.

We’re not just any holiday accommodation.

We want summa haus accommodation to be the entire holiday for our guests — not just a part of it. We are committed to offering travellers added services and experiences to enhance their stay.

Our owners are as important to us as our guests.

You are a vital part of our project. Without you and your holiday property, we couldn’t do what we’re doing. That’s why we’re committed to highlighting your role and telling our guests your story.

We have a robust local support network.

In order to offer added value, we have a network of local professionals who provide 100% local services and experiences that can be enjoyed either inside or outside your holiday property.

We analyse the market and your holiday accommodation.

We do not take decisions about your accommodation blindly. We do so using digital analysis tools to help us understand how the market relates to your holiday property. In this way, we can maximise its profitability.

Your holiday property in a specialised portfolio.

One of the features that sets summa haus apart is that we organise our portfolio according to the type of trip, and not according to the features of the accommodation itself. You will always know what type of traveller is staying in your accommodation, and we will highlight its outstanding points in order to maximise bookings.

Summa: a management system that involves everyone.

Our management system is founded on the trust that you place in our understanding of the tourism sector and the environment. We are committed to involving our guests, our partners and you, the owners, to offer an innovative model that will work for the benefit of us all.

Services and rates summa management

summa Comprehensive Management


per confirmed booking

*Does not include cleaning and booking fees

Live the life you want to, while continuing to receive income from your property. We take care of your property, thus reducing your costs whilst increasing your income.


registration V.V. *


a one-off payment of

*Service included in the Integral Management contract for 12 months.


of advertisement *


In OTAS, networks and summahaus

*Service included in the Integral Management contract for 12 months.


Strategy and seasons *


a one-off payment of

*Service included in the Integral Management contract for 12 months.


summa professional photography


*From / TAX not included

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Alba Delgado
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Buena gestión de precios y excelente trato con los huéspedes. El trato es familiar y cercano, resuelven nuestras dudas u objeciones rápidamente. Seguiré gestionando mis viviendas con summa haus, ya que mis reservas han aumentado e incluso durante la pandemia tuvimos reservas.

How to contact summa management


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This will enable you to get to know the project and how we market it. Then you can decide whether we can help you or not.

Spoiler:we can help you.


Contact us using the online form, or by telephone.

Your next step is to contact us. You can do so by email, by using the online form, or by phone. We will arrange a meeting so that we can discuss your plans for your holiday property.


We will weigh up the possibilities together.

We will analyse all the possibilities for making your property profitable, and we will make you an offer of a rate and services that we consider best suited to your property.

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