4 essential trails in Tenerife

In this article we recommend 4 essential trails of Tenerife with different characteristics and in different areas of the island so that you can get to know first hand the contrasts of our little paradise.

Circular route to the Chinyero volcano

Without a doubt, this is one of our favorite routes. The Chinyero is the last volcano to erupt on the island of Tenerife, in 1909. The contrast of the landscape here is spectacular, passing through areas of volcanic ash, lava flows with views of Teide and pine forests.

It is an ideal trail to enjoy both alone and with the family. The level of difficulty is low and you can complete the tour in about 4 hours.

It is important that you carry enough water, food for the road, good footwear and sun protection. Much of the way you will walk through pines and other trees, but there are areas where there is no shade and if you catch a hot day it can be a bit suffocating.

Masca Ravine Trail

One of the best known trails in Tenerife, for its spectacular nature. Just getting to the beginning of the trail will delight nature lovers.

The trail is located on the west side, in one of the most rugged areas of the island. Its impressive ravines will not leave you indifferent. The trail begins in the charming hamlet of Masca, one of the most photographed places on the island and culminates in the sea, where you can enjoy a dip, more than deserved at the end of the descent.

Keep in mind that this trail is not for everyone and the difficulty is high. We recommend that you do this route with professionals, in this case with the guides of El Cardón Natur Experience, they know the terrain well and will surely make you live an unforgettable experience.

El Bosque encantado de Anaga Trail

Anaga is one of the best preserved places on the island of Tenerife. This is the last laurel forests of the island (except for the Monte del Agua in Erjos), which is why it is a specially protected area.

This area is Biosphere Reserve Some of its trails, such as the one we recommend, can only be visited with a permit, which you can obtain at any time. get here. This is a circular trail of about 3 hours in which you can get to know the ancient laurel forests. We highlight especially the ferns of the area, which in some cases their leaves can measure more than 2 meters.

You can find more information about this trail and how to get there on the official website.

Punta de Rasca Lighthouse

This is a badlands located at the southernmost point of Tenerife. The trail runs along the seashore, although there are secondary trails inland that you can visit.

This place is of special archaeological and ethnographic interest, since along the way you can find from ancient shells and goros that belonged to the ancient aborigines of the Canary Islands, to carved rocks in which to obtain salt from the sea.

Halfway there you will find the Punta Rasca Lighthouse, active since 1893. At this point you can return along the same trail or continue forward and end up at the beach of the Angry Ones at El Fraile.

We recommend that you bring water and food if you plan to spend part of the day and that you dare to take a dip in one of the puddles or coves you will find along the way.

So far our recommendation of trails with which you can discover the contrasts of the island of Tenerife.


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